Commercial and office complex business class Sky Light

The retail and office complex of a business class Sky Light is an example of modern commercial real estate!
Sky Light is a 3-story multifunctional complex with a total area of 20 acres




Total area of the building


Total land area

Ground floor layout

Layout of the first floor

The floor area for:

  • Restaurant – 437.6 m2
  • Beauty salon- 322,4 m2
  • GYM – 330 m2

Layout of the second floor

The floor area for:

  • Restaurant -419.7 м
  • Beauty salon- 322.3 м2
  • GYM – 335.5 м2

Plan of the third floor (terrace)

The developed infrastructure of the «Sky Light» complex provides owners and tenants with maximum comfort and convenience.

The complex provides an effective floor layout with spaces of different area.

Each room is equipped with modern engineering communication systems and air conditioning and ventilation systems.

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Branches of large banks
  • Notary office
  • Beauty salon
  • Supermarket
  • Showroom

Thanks to the original design of the building, the top 3rd floor is a terrace with stunning mountain views.

Business-class shopping and office complex “Sky Light” – offices with a view to success!

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