Typical plan of the houses

Closed Residential Complex “Chokmorov” is located on 2.5 hectares of land which consists of 25 houses with an area of 150 sq.m. and a plot of 6 acres. Houses are executed in unique classical style with use of environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, new technologies at construction allowed to take care not only of design of a construction but also of its durability. And the soft natural tones of the facades will allow the houses of the complex to become part of the surrounding landscape. In addition to the apartment buyers become owners of the house territory of 6 acres where they can place a terrace or a front garden.

Buying a house in the town, you get a part of “chokmor”: with its own sports grounds, with modern fitness room, tennis courts and football field, recreation areas for children in the form of parks and gazebos ,outdoor and indoor swimming pool, honey point and running areas which are located on the territory of 0.5 hectares.

The lands will become a source of physical and spiritual rehabilitation for all family members. Additional comfort is provided by an Autonomous heating system, water and electricity meters, external lighting and charming style of the landscape on which the most creative designers of the city worked, Parking spaces and the road to each house will truly be a place for the soul. Due to its location “Chokmorov” and is fenced around the perimeter of the complex, residents can enjoy complete privacy, all unauthorized access will be closed.

Undeniable advantages of “Chokmorov” Residential Complex»

  • Ecologically clean area
  • Favorable price
  • Hour security
  • The presence in close proximity to the ski bases
  • Optimum distance from plants and factories
  • Landscaped yard and Playground


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