Elite country village Chokmorov

Elite country village Chokmorov is a fairytale countryside residential complex for those who want to live having fresh air and outside of the city noise. The VIP village has a convenient and advantageous location, an ecologically clean environment away from major highways and industrial facilities, and panoramic views of the mountain range.

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Total area of the village – 2.3 hectares
On the territory there are 20 comfortable houses and 6 townhouses
Each house has an area of 150 sq.m.and a plot of 6 acres.
Houses are designed in a unique style combining modern technologies with elements of the modern architecture.
On the territory of the village you can find:
– Athletic ground with the modern fitness facility
– Football field
– Playgrounds for kids
– recreational compound with SPA-center (mud bath, message)
– running area
– the village has its own recreational complex
The village will become a source of physical and spiritual rehabilitation for all family members.
Undeniable advantages of Chokmorov Residential Complex

  • Ecologically clean area
  • Favorable price
  • Hour security
  • The presence in close proximity to the ski bases
  • Optimum distance from plants and factories
  • Lands caped yard and Playground

During the process of development and designing of the village, architects and designers aspired to create the masterpiece, so every reference about the village would fill every person with the idea of excellence and respectability.

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